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Sox: The leader in compression technology since 1998

The feetness ® solution

Performance is strictly connected to a good state of mind, a fit body and a positive attitude. In every walk of life important details need to be looked after. To get through the day successfully, a crucial part of the body must not be neglected and that is your “feet”.

Athletes, doctors, nurses, pilots, to mention a few, definitely know the importance of wearing good shoes to perform daily tasks.
However, it is also important to go a step further and pay attention to the quality of socks used. The two, “socks and shoes”, work “hand in hand”.

It is well known and scientifically proven that a simple garment such as a “graduated compression sock” allows better circulation and reduces swelling. Dry comfortable feet, light-feeling legs allow you to go about your business during a busy day, feeling good.

So, if feeling fit, working well, performing efficiently are fundamental, you had better add a simple but important item, a suitable sock. It can make the difference! You won’t just simply get through the day, but will be more comfortable, carefree and energetic to focus on your own personal targets.

Made in Italy by ARCOS