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Compression rate: 12-20 mmHg

Heavy-duty work or safety shoes and boots need comfort. A graduated compression sock does the job.
Developed in collaboration with industrial medical physicians, WORKSOX®, is highly recommended for outside heavy duty work, for walking and simply for every day use. This patented sock comes with a padded foot bed, coupled with moderate compression to help stimulate blood flow and increase circulation, alleviating swelling and reducing symptoms on heavy and fatigued legs.
• Silver DryStat® anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti viral = reduced odor
• Compression starts mid foot with plantar support zone
• Stimulates blood circulation
• Improves oxygen delivery to muscles
• Lactic acid production reduced, cramp reduction
• Long Lasting Cushioning System reinforced provides constant shock absorption while the good reactivity of the fabrics maintains their original shape.
Sizechart Travelsox
Due to the stretchability of the sock, if your shoe size is between sizes, choose the smaller.

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