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The constant pursuit of technical excellence led Arcos S.p.A. to a remarkable research activity. Research concerns, from one side, theoretical and experimental activity carried out in conjunction with the main machine manufacturers, with the aim of constantly improving the technical performance of the new machines and to accomplish the requirements pf new products.
From another side, research is conducted in the direction of finding new materials with improved characteristics and properties, to produce socks, clothing and underware with improved performances.
Thirdly, the cooperation with the University of Brescia, Laboratory of Optoelectronics, and with Q-Tech s.r.l., is devoted to the development and operation of a measurement laboratory able to accurately test the characteristics of Arcos’ products and to compare them with the major competitors, in order to recognize the right placement of the company and to continuously improve the production to maintain the position of prestige of the company.

Research by ARCOS